Unidentified Animal found near Sinharaja Forest

Carcass of an unidentified mammal species has been recovered from Panapola- Kosgulana area near Sinharaja Forest Reserve. As per the information provided by a school principal of the area on the 28th February 2016 evening, wildlife officers attached to the Sinharaja Range have taken over the carcass of this mammal & brought it to the Elephant Transit Home at Uda Walawe for further investigations. Presently the carcass is kept at ETH under deep freezing conditions.

According to the veterinarian of the ETH the animal is 3.3 kg in weight and its length is 60cm. 

Although it shows some resemblance to golden mongoose and the civet cat, it does not possess a tail and bears yellow- black-brown fur all over the body. 

Department of Wildlife Conservation is presently engaged in further investigations on this animal with the assistance of the experts in the country. 

It is believed that this animal could be a new mammal species which has not been recorded previously or it could be a product due to gene mutation. 

However Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Mr. Chandrasiri Bandara says that he will keep the public informed once the investigation on this animal is completed. 

News source & Image courtesy : Department of wildlife conservation – Sri Lanka

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