Sri Lankan Leopard Safari

Land monitors (Sinhalese: Thalagoya) have an impressive habitation range, being found even in the highly urbanised areas of Sri Lanka – they are not an uncommon site in Colombo and its suburbs – despite that jungle being of the concrete variety. These adaptable lizards may grow up to 6 feet (180cm) long even in inhospitable environments such as drains and sewers below the asphalt roads of the big city. Although not a protected species in Sri Lanka, the hunting and killing of Land Monitors in the cities is minimum, as they are hardly an invasive species, and will generally stay away from humans. They are, however, known to prey on smaller mammals such as rats and mice, helping control the levels of vermin in populated areas. The downside of this is that they might hunt smaller pets – puppies, kittens, rabbits, chickens etc. Read more