Natta: Superstar Leopard!

At Yala National Park you find a very famous leopard that has been given the name “HAAMU”. In Wilpattu National Park we have our very own famous leopard that’s known by “NATTA”. This beautiful male leopard was bestowed this name upon due to the way he catches Land Monitors specifically by their tail. According to Mahoora Naturalist Saranga, he spotted this leopard in 2010, at the time he was at the Pannika Vila which is known to be his birthplace.

After a few years, he had moved to the Kokkari Vila as a sub adult looking to make it his area challenging the big male leopard of the area. After a big battle for who would claim the territory, he lost badly and was left in a bad state where he was not able to even hunt making him become scrawny to the point where people used to call him the ‘Pink Panther’.

Gone missing after a few months which lead the naturalist to be very disappointed as he was presumed dead. But after a few months ‘Natta’ was supposedly spotted by one of the jeep drivers at Kaalivillu Area. This has established his territory and be spotted there now. Saranga considers this male leopard as the superstar of Wilpattu National Park.

Story by – Saranga Mendis (Mahoora Naturalist)
Written By – Mark Decker

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