On foot you feel, hear, smell it …

Ahaspokuna a destination for those who are looking for something different. It is Sri Lanka’s first ever private wildlife reserve and walking safari camp.

On the 23rd of March during a trek from Ahaspokuna to Gan Ella Waterfalls, where one would usually come across the experience of viewing various kinds of birds and butterflies. Our very own naturalist Manjula got a peculiar scent of something foul close to the waterfall.When he further investigated the matter he found the carcass of a Sambar Deer. Who had been supposedly laid waste to by a leopard, while Manjula looked high and low for the sight of Leopard he found nothing. To Manjula, this was an experience like no other as it was his first time coming across such an event. To Manjula, it was one of his most memorable and exciting moments.

The medium level of difficulty half day trek usually gives one to first walk along a path created by Elephants and other animals on the high hills from where you get to view a beautiful scenery over the Pallewela village and cultivation areas surrounding it. From trekking through dry grasslands before steeply descending to a local farm, where you get the chance of viewing a traditional tree house that farmers use to keep an eye on their cultivations and protect the crops from wild animals. Leaving the farm, the trail then continues along a river surrounded by humid submontane forests.

When arriving at the Gan Ella waterfalls, you first reach the upper point of the waterfall, where you witness the breathtaking view over the waters tumbling down. Our trekking guides are there to help you make the descent the ascent. After a little snack, you visit the Mulgama village, near the campsite. After a meet and greet with the locals you then ascend through the forest back to Ahaspokuna Campsite.

Our treks give you the chance to get a new, exciting and memorable experience every day you take them.

Story by – Manjula (Mahoora Naturalist)
Written By – Mark Decker


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