The National Bird of Sri Lanka

South East Asia has four different species of jungle fowls and one of them belongs to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl is endemic to Sri Lanka which means you can only see them here. Like most birds, the male Jungle Fowl is more beautiful than its female. The Jungle Fowl is referred to as the “Wali Kukkula” in Sinhalese which is a suitable name for the bird as the male fowls are territorial when they spot another male fowl in their area.

Just like in the picture when both of them lock their gaze at each other they are at the same level of strength and dance around in a circle before one jumps and attacks the other with its strong spurs. This was the main reason they were used in Sri Lanka for cockfighting in the past due to them being good fighters

Sometimes the adult males are seen together in parks. The main reason being when they feed they feed together but when they mate they fight against each other.

Image & Story by – Saranga Mendis (Mahoora Naturalist)
Written By – Mark Decker

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