Indian Pitta

Wilpattu National Park is one of the best birding locations in Sri Lanka. The fact is that you can easily find a vast amount of endemic and migrate birds. Since the Mahoora Tented Safari camps are located on the border of the park you get the chance to spot a lot of birds around the campsite. Even at night, one could discover some nocturnal animals and sleeping birds.

DSC_1422 (1)The Indian Pitta (Pitta brachyura) is one bird that can be easily found around the Mahoora campsite. The Indian Pitta is a very special bird due to reason that they only can be seen during the migration season which is normally from August to May every year. Normally they live in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan, and China. They start migrating just as winter approaches.

The Pitta is not an easy bird to see because of them being mainly active early morning and as dusk strikes. During the daytime, they search for small insects through bushes.

Not only can you discover a special bird such as the Indian Pitta at Wilpattu. As you will be amazed by the variety of birds that you may discover in this paradise for bird lovers. Mahoora Safari campsite will give an unforgettable memory of its list of birds who seem to have a personal connection with Wilpattu National Park.

Story by – Saranga Mendis (Mahoora Naturalist)
Written By – Mark Decker

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