Harmonizing to the melody of the setting sun

What is the most majestic sight your eyes have witnessed? In what moment of your life, you have been in a supreme level of calmness and satisfaction that you almost forgot the burdens that heave you down every day? Let me share mine.

I have traveled to many beauteous places in this small tropical island of Sri Lanka but the countless sights I have seen cannot be compared to this calm pacifying sunset I saw in Wilpattu. I know for a fact that sunsets at different places in different hues making different paintings in the sky, tired after a long day. As it descends the horizon it turns into a ball of incandescent red, as it hides among the evening mist of the hills it gives a more soft touch to the damp and misty sky. But in the arid zone, the sunset acquires a spectrum of hues of red, pink, peach, purple and colors of names unknown. If you want to see this beautiful painting of the sky made by the retiring sun I recommend you the Mahoora tented safari camps. Believe me, it is a sunset you had never seen before. Seeing the setting sun making this beautiful painting through invisible brushstrokes can be the most satisfying moment of your life, and it does not end there!

A long silent vigil at this moving painting of the sky is the moment you find yourself a part of nature but not as a detached onlooker. In some inexplicable way, a setting sun has the ability to teleport us to somewhere extremely serene and satisfying, somewhere we can take a rest, relax and take a deep breath and forget for a moment everything else that is daunting and unsatisfying. I have always believed that sunsets are moments one should enjoy with a clean mind un-obscured by any random thought. Only then you can extract the beauty of it in its full spectrum.

But a mind unoccupied would not only suffice to be enchanted by a sunset, you also need the right environ. To enjoy a sunset your surrounding must also be peaceful, far away from the cacophony of the city. And for that, you ought to be in a place which is silent, calm and undisturbed like the Mahoora tented safari camps at Wilpattu National Park. Even if it is just one sunset, it is a moment you should not miss in your life because it is the perfect getaway from the toil everyday life and the perfect moment to harmonize yourself to the melody of nature.

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