The National Bird of Sri Lanka

South East Asia has four different species of jungle fowls and one of them belongs to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl is endemic to Sri Lanka which means you can only see them here. Like most birds, the male Jungle Fowl is more beautiful than its female. The Jungle Fowl is referred to as the “Wali Kukkula” in Sinhalese which is a suitable name for the bird as the male fowls are territorial when they spot another male fowl in their area. Read more

On foot you feel, hear, smell it …

Ahaspokuna a destination for those who are looking for something different. It is Sri Lanka’s first ever private wildlife reserve and walking safari camp.

On the 23rd of March during a trek from Ahaspokuna to Gan Ella Waterfalls, where one would usually come across the experience of viewing various kinds of birds and butterflies. Our very own naturalist Manjula got a peculiar scent of something foul close to the waterfall. Read more

Natta: Superstar Leopard!

At Yala National Park you find a very famous leopard that has been given the name “HAAMU”. In Wilpattu National Park we have our very own famous leopard that’s known by “NATTA”. This beautiful male leopard was bestowed this name upon due to the way he catches Land Monitors specifically by their tail. According to Mahoora Naturalist Saranga, he spotted this leopard in 2010, at the time he was at the Pannika Vila which is known to be his birthplace.

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Rare Bird species spotted recently

The Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) is a wading bird and a rare migrant to the lowland, marsh lands, paddy fields, tanks and lagoons of Sri Lanka. It’s preferred choice of cuisine includes worms, aquatic insects, frogs and such other small animals. The breeding season being from March to July and it builds a rather small nest with sticks on trees near water usually as colanies.

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